oh HI! Finally, I could spend my time to write my Europe Trip after some weeks I did a pause. Work drained my energy and (certainly) took my time! How I miss long holiday 😦

Well, here I would like to share my story during our trip in Brussels, Belgium! I actually wanted to visit some other cities of Belgium, however due to some reasons we only visited Brussels. So I fell in love with this city. Particularly, its chocolate! Everyone should already know why 🙂

At 7 a.m, we checked out from Avenue Hotel Amsterdam and headed to the Amsterdam Central Station and took a bus to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. We went to Brussels by iDBus. It was our first time to be honest. Not knowing where exactly the bus location, we ran to find it before it’s leaving. Okay, now we found it and off we went!! to Brussels~

Taking around 3 hours, the bus finally reached the destination: Brussels Midi Station. Yeay, there we were! You know what, we were soooo hungry. Bringing heavy luggage drained us. We decided to have breakfast while discussing where we wanted to visit in Brussels.

Arriving at the Theater Hotel, we asked the city map (as usual), put our stuff, and began to stroll around the city on foot. Yes, on foot! To save money of course!!

*Talking about our hotel, we loved the room with a mini kitchen, spacious room, a dining table, lovely color, and the affordable price. Also, the location is near to the MRT Station, only 5 minute walk. All was perfect!*

Theater Hotel, Brussels
Theater Hotel, Brussels

Talking about places we visited there. Hmm, we only had 5 hours before dawn so we only visited Grand-Place, Town Hall, Belgian Beer Museum, bought souvenirs, and (surely) had a Belgian chocolate waffle!! I think Belgian chocolate is made from heaven. The taste was so indescribably tasty. I fell in love…

The Belgian chocolate waffle close to the Grand-Place
The Belgian chocolate waffle close to the Grand-Place

The wind blew so gentle yet cold that I couldn’t bare it enough for such a long time walking around. Many times we stopped by to the closest indoor places to warm our bodies :’) yet winter didn’t stop us to explore this beautiful cities. Actually, I barely remember the name of buildings we visited because of the very cold weather that freeze my brain at that time hahaha (pardon moi!). Here are pictures that say more than words.

The church and the cloudy sky
The church and the cloudy sky

I hope you enjoy reading my travel diaries! 🙂

…to be continued…


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