HI! Though my Europe trip was 8 months ago, I still want to write the journey in order to remember all the details of every moments. I believe that beautiful memories won’t easily fade away 🙂

France was the third country we (me and my sister) visited in the trip. Because of the tight schedule we already made, we only spend 2 nights in Paris. The transportation we took from Brussels to Paris was Eurolines, €28/person. There was an unfortunate event when we were in Brussels anyway! We missed the bus!! We already bought 2 Megabus tickets via the website and it was only £2.5 for 2 people! So cheap yet we missed it 😦 It is quite difficult to find the bus station. We asked to the hotel receptionist but he gave us the wrong information. We asked to the pedestrians, then only 1 person who knew exactly where the place was yet it was way too late to catch for the bus. Just like a scene from a movie, in slo-mo: I ran and shouted out loud, hoping the bus driver heard me and suddenly stopped. But it was only a dream. I sat on the roadside, yelled at no one, and cried. I was insane, yeah I know. My sister tried to calm me down. At the moment, we can’t think of anything. Fifteen minutes passed and we began to find another bus to Paris. We stopped a taxi and went to Eurolines nearest station. *coba aja nggak ketinggalan Megabus kan aku nggak harus ngeluarin €56 buat tiket bis! Bisa dipake buat makan berkali-kali!!* So, whoever wants to travel by bus and maybe other transportation, please make sure that you already know the precise location of the car/bus/train/etc! Penting! Note it well ya!

We arrived at Paris at around 3 p.m. After that, we took a metro to the apartment we rent (from airbnb) for the next 2 days. It was the first time we used airbnb instead of a hotel/hostel. It saved much money because as you know a hotel room fare is very expensive in Paris, especially in the city center. The owner, Ella, was a really kind woman. She lent us a city map and told us many places to visit in Paris. Her apartment was also lovely and warm. Merci beaucoup, Ella!

Renzy, me, and Ella

2 days passed and these are the summaries of the places we came by:

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Seine River
  3. Le Tour Eiffel
  4. Musée du Louvre
  5. Champs Elysees
  6. Sacré Coeur
  7. Jardin du Luxembourg
Notre Dame
Seine River. The weather was good. Sun’s out!
Had dinner in all-you-can-eat restaurant in Monmarte. Special thanks for Arum and Octria for being our one-day tour guide! 😀
The love lock bridge
A picturesque Eiffel tower and surrounding. Look at the beautiful sky! I was teary at the first time I saw the majestic Eiffel :”)

During this journey, we saved much money by shopping food in the supermarket. So much cheaper and instant! I suggest you to! Also, rent a room via airbnb gave many benefits both social life and money issue.

We thank God to this beautiful opportunity to explore the most romantic city of West Europe (for me still Istanbul is the most romantic one hehehe).

…to be continued…


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