Europe Trip : Czech Republic (Prague)

“Prague is the Paris of the ’90s,” – Marion Ross

It was the 7th day of our Europe trip when we departed to Prague, a capital city of Czech Republic. Going to the east of European continent, we were spoiled by the beautiful landscape along the road from Paris to Prague. It took around 12 hours by bus, we moved to Prague by Eurolines anyway. The passengers were only 20 including us and the two drivers. So, almost every one passenger occupied two seats to make them comfortable during the long and exhausted journey. Perhaps, if only we had gone by plane, we would have never seen the dazzling view outside the bus’ windows. We were thankful!

Finally, we arrived at Prague at 9 a.m. sharp. Just in time. The location of the bus station was at Prague zone 8 (Prague 8), yet our hotel was on Prague 2. We took the taxi and went directly to the hotel to get ourselves prepared. After a short rest, we began the city walking trip (just me and my sister).

What I like the most about this city was the ancient buildings which hid many untold stories. It was as if we are pulled back to the old times. Somehow, I found them creepy! Yet, it did not change how mesmerizing this city landscape was. I am gonna show you some photos of Prague below. Please enjoy! 🙂

The Powder Tower, one of the thirteen original gates in town.

one of the shops with a creepy doll outside
the famous astronomical clock
the Charles Bridge
crepes and the beautiful city view
the guards at Prague Castle

We did enjoy Prague from its old buildings to its beautiful city view. I may come back to other cities in Czech Republic next year, insya Allah 🙂

The next day, we had to move to Milan, Italy! Be right back to write the story soon…

…to be continued…


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