Europe Trip : Italy (Milan)

Welcome to Italy!

Finally, we almost came to the final of our Europe trip. At 12:25 CET, we arrived at Milano Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy from Václav Havel Airport, Prague, Czech Republic. While dragging the very heavy luggage, we were walking towards Ibis Hotel Milan.

I don’t know why Italians not as friendly as other European countries (my personal opinion). FYI, we got a lot of helps during our trip in Netherlands, Belgium,In Milan, we were lost and confused to find Ibis Hotel. Unfortunately, every time I asked the Italians around, they were just passing by while waving hand and say sorry. Thanks to the tourist we met along the way. He gave us the direction to the hotel nicely.

Not much to visit in Milan, otherwise to shop high-end brands and to visit San Siro Stadium if you are a fan of AC Milan.

We visited Duomo Cathedral and nearby places and had a large pizza for 3 euro per slice. Overall, I don’t really enjoy the city of Milan. Apart from the deserted metro stations, the citizens were not so friendly to us.

Duomo Cathedral
Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II
Milano Centrale Railway Station

We only spent a night in Milan. The next day, we headed to Venice by Trenitalia. And oh, please be careful of your belongings in this station. I saw many thieves on act while waiting my train coming.


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